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Rev JFK and Georgina Mensah have been in ministry together for more than thirty years. Their greatest passion is working to produce fully functional Christlike disciples. JFK serves as General Overseer of the Great Commission Church International, headquartered in Ghana, and recently ended a term as the Area Leader for Northwest Africa in Pioneers Africa, a missions organization.


The daily Quiet Time is a critical opportunity for every believer to touch base with God before facing the rigours of the day. Though many of us cite busy-ness as an excuse, JFK Mensah in this message reminds us that nothing is more important than making time for this daily discipline. By outlining several of the reasons why this is so, he encourages us to make a personal decision to honour God with our time every single day.

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January 21, 2020

Praying the Word of God

How do we pray? In this enlightening message, JFK Mensah explains what it means to pray with the word of God. He expounds on the various ways by which we can pray using the Bible, and leads the congregation in praying some of the precious promises that God has provided for His children. May you be blessed as you listen.

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What is persistent prayer, and why is it so important for Christians to obey the command in 1 Thess. 5:17 to pray without ceasing? In this message, Rev. JFK Mensah expounds on these issues and shares lessons from Jesus' exhortations on prayer, the prayer life of both Old and New Testament saints, and other Scriptures.

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The reasons why many Christians do not fast and pray are many and varied. But you cannot be a Christlike disciple without these. 2/3 of the Godhead intercedes, therefore if it takes so much divine help for us to make it safely to heaven, an un-praying Christian is in mortal danger. In this message, Rev. JFK Mensah shares ten things that Jesus taught us about prayer, and some tips for an effective prayer life.

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