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Rev JFK and Georgina Mensah have been in ministry together for almost 40 years. Their greatest passion is working to produce fully functional Christlike disciples. Supported by Georgina, JFK serves as General Overseer of the Great Commission Church International. The couple also engages in training people in Christlikeness, disciple-making, and gift development in order to finish the task of World Evangelism, through the Christlike Disciplemakers Movement.


December 7, 2021

Hearing God for Yourself

Why must every believer strive to hear God for themselves? And how exactly does God speak anyway? In this message, JFK Mensah scratches where we itch on the most sensitive aspects of hearing God for ourselves.

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Many of us still struggle with the habit of a consistent and effective prayer life. To help our weakness, JFK Mensah walks us through the prayer life of Jesus. Why did Jesus pray, when, how, and what for? Perhaps these lessons can finally grant us the breakthrough we need in building our prayer disciplines.

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Who is the Holy Spirit, and what should be the relationship of a believer with Him? This message outlines the basics of what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit, drawing key lessons from the life of Jesus Christ.

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Walking us through a character study on the life of Elijah, JFK Mensah in this message outlines key lessons to learn from that man of God. These lessons are no doubt necessary for every believer in Christ today.

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The daily Quiet Time is a critical opportunity for every believer to touch base with God before facing the rigours of the day. Though many of us cite busy-ness as an excuse, JFK Mensah in this message reminds us that nothing is more important than making time for this daily discipline. By outlining several of the reasons why this is so, he encourages us to make a personal decision to honour God with our time every single day.

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Without a clear understanding of the things Jesus lived and died for, it is impossible to become like Him in every way. In this message, JFK Mensah highlights the centrality of Christlikeness and the need for Christians to set Him as their standard. He also focuses on three core values of Jesus: intimacy with, and passion for God; fellowship with the Holy Spirit; and mastery of the word of God. May you be blessed as you listen.

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November 19, 2019

Walking in the Supernatural

The biblical basis for a life endued with the power of the Holy Spirit is undeniable. Not only did Jesus live empowered by this same Spirit, but He made sure to empower anyone He was sending, and never dreamed that His church would exist without this power. In this message, Rev. JFK Mensah convinces us that every disciple of Christ is indwelt by power to change the world.

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October 1, 2019

Consecration Unto God

Consecration means wholly dedicating yourself to God. Now, more than ever, believers must be willing to pay the price to be fully given to God in order to live according to His will, pursue Christlikeness, be filled and led by the Holy Spirit, make disciples to finish the task of World Evangelism, and finish the call of God upon their lives. Rev. JFK Mensah expounds on each of these areas and calls for those who are ready to be set apart for the purposes of God.

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In the Old Testament, anointing was specially reserved for a few. Through Christ, we have all received the anointing of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Some Christians are however hesitant to receive Him because of certain hindrances in their hearts and minds. Rev. JFK Mensah disabuses our minds on the issue.

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Many Christians do not hold the Holy Spirit in as high esteem as they do the Father and the Son. God the Father and the Son give us the foundation for our unshakeable faith in the Holy Spirit. In this message, Rev. JFK Mensah expounds on the issue of our faith in, and relationship with, the Holy Spirit.

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